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Oxy-Wax Ltd Products
Our Portfolio Of Products Include
Oxidised Waxes
Oxidised Liquid Paraffins
Metal Preservative Coatings
Water And Alkali Displacing Fluids
Corrosion Inhibitors
Thermal And Hydrolytically Stable Diesters
Acid Scavengers
Self Healing Film Formers
Nano Fluids
The Primary Industries Served Include
Steel Processing

Oxy-Wax Ltd was formed at Billingham in 1991 as a specialist producer of fatty acids obtained through the liquid phase oxidation of refined petroleum paraffins. The oxygenates serve as feedstocks in the manufacture of a range of water based and oil soluble soap and ester derivatives which are supplied as intermediates to a diverse range of companies world wide specialising in the lubrication and protection of metals exposed to severe hostile environments.

The founder of the company, Marshall Best, has been engaged within the petroleum industry for over four decades specialising in the catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbons, wax crystal modification and the rheology of interfacial films. The Hypax range of products function as strong polar active self healing film formers having an effective temperature range from -65 °C to over 140 °C.

We work in close partnership with our customers in the development of advanced coatings and metal preservative fluids and provide a fast response to customer needs using modern processing equipment. Oxy-Wax Ltd is registered to ISO-9001-2000 quality systems standard.

The Hypax range of products conform to current environmental standards and our base oxidates have been devolatilised as part of the oxidation process to ensure that vapour emissions are well below the European threshold for formulation work requiring thermal processing and blending.

The company is committed to maintaining high standards of health, safety and environmental management systems during all stages of material and product movement ensuring full compliance with customers and national policies governing the safe use and ultimate disposal of products.

We can offer material in solid block form packed in card board boxes with non stick interior to avoid the requirement for heating steel drums prior to processing and disposal of empty drums.

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